Nice to meet you.

My name is Colleen Hieber and I lead a womxn's group (for womxn and anyone who identifies strongly as such)  that helps them rewire old habits that cause overwhelm, negative emotions, and declining health. Womxn who go through my coaching are set free to become the womxn they know they are (if only they could stop doing xyz). I am a certified Yoga Health Coach (through Cate Stillman and Yogahealer) and I've been teaching and practicing yoga and meditation for the last 15 years.  I now teach one class a week on Zoom (you can sign up here) and if you are a prenatal or post-partum womxn, please visit Ma Yoga to take my pregnancy-focused classes there.

My annual program, STICK, is a dynamic group of womxn who learn how to change how they think of themselves and then how they move through the world by using habit change science, behavior design, and ancient wisdom teachings including Ayurveda.

Before yoga, I was a professional dancer living in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Now, I dance mostly in my kitchen now but it is no less fulfilling. 

I usually live in Southern California although I'm often cycling in Canada or traveling somewhere beautiful and delicious with my new husband (there is no old husband, I like to think I skipped my first marriage) and my background is in professional dance and yoga teacher training (led 200 Hour and prenatal trainings) but I've always been obsessed with how to experience mind-boggling endorphin-gushing health that makes you scream, "It's good to be ALIVE!!!".