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This group is for you if....

  • You often know what you should do, but you can't seem to make changes stick.

  • You're relying on coffee or other stimulants for energy.

  • You often feel short-tempered, impatient, easily irritated by other people.

  • You have poor eating habits or autoimmune issues.

  • You're uncomfortable with your body or have joint pain.

  • You lack interest in sex or have a low sex drive.

  • You regularly feel "so busy" and overwhelmed.

  • You lack motivation to go after your dreams.

  • You wonder if this is what life is "supposed to be like".

  • You crave being part of a deep community of womxn.

STICK Membership

Enroll anytime. Pay monthly. Stay as long as you like.

Each month we focus on a new habit. Habits touch on food, sleep, circadian rhythms, movement, meditation, caring for your senses, connecting to your body, having a healthy digital life, creativity, ancestor work, and prioritizing your spirit.

Backed by habit change science and inspired by Ayurveda's dinacharya or daily routine.

Twice a year, we align with Nature in a more sacred way with the seasonal holistic detox of RESTORE.

As a member, you'll get all of these monthly courses:

Bonus material

There are eight habit & lifestyle areas that comprise STICK Habits. In STICK Life we also do two seasonal detoxes with RESTORE, and have additional monthly courses including ROOTS which dives into Ancestry Work.

In addition to all of that, you get:

  • Accountability

    $2400 value

    Weekly coaching on the live calls, accountability partnerships, and a community forum (not on Facebook!). Having like-minded womxn on the path with you can be a salve to your spirit when letting go of old ways of being.

  • Resource Library with Guest Teachers, On-Demand Yoga Classes & More!

    $2500 value

    Most months we have an expert in their field share their perspective on one of our habits. You can ask them questions and most offer discounts to STICK members should you want to work with them privately. All guest teacher calls (past and present) are recorded and are available here. You'll also find twenty-five of my yoga classes on-demand. And finally, there are links to podcasts, books, articles, movies, and more to keep you inspired and abreast of the latest research.

  • RESTORE Anti-Diet Detox

    $600 value

    In the spring and fall, we enjoy a 3-week holistic detox for your soul! This is a nourishing reset that is nothing like the restrictive popular detoxes you might have seen elsewhere. This is a stay-at-home retreat that allows you to let go of old patterns, addictions, and distractions that can often be hard to shake. Complete with weekly audio meditations, weekly videos, loads of simple delicious recipes, and a guide that is in it with you (yours truly!).

People are talking

“This habits course helped me dig my way out of months of stress that had led to insomnia, poor eating habits, an irregular exercise routine, and a lack of energy. I found my way back to better physical, mental, and emotional health, with a deeper connection to my body's needs. The community support and guidance from Colleen were invaluable in setting me on the path to living how I want to live and being the person I want to be!”

Jessica Dawn Pratt, Ph.D.
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a member of STICK with Colleen. The coursework for each month provided me with the opportunity to delve into a different area of my life and analyze the roadblocks that were standing between me and a healthy and uplifting lifestyle. I especially benefited from the weekly live meetings with my classmates, having an accountability partner to connect with throughout the course, and the one-on-one phone calls with Colleen where she provided me with straightforward action steps to reach my goals. This course was chock full of the ultimate tools to affect profound change in my life, and I am truly grateful for the amazing opportunity to have been a part of it!”

Jessica Hawari

“If you happen to be in a place like me, wanting to discover or rediscover who the best/better version of you is… this course, this work, helps bring light through that door. It is simple, yet so profound. The tasks are not daunting, like some self-inquiry work can feel. It’s doable and not something you’ll be tempted to run from. Plus, Colleen has a real gift in leading people on this journey in a way that’s easy, fun and engaging.”

Shaheda Sadhal

“One of the best decisions that I have made in a long time! I absolutely think that every human should do this program. Things in my life have transformed, evolved, happened in ways that I never thought could or would and the biggest thing being ME :)”

Mandy Johnson

“STICK has immeasurably helped me wrap my mind (and body) around shifting towards a healthier and more easeful life. Some of the habits I've picked up have transformed me; especially the ones around meditation, healthy eating, and resting. This course is absolutely amazing and Colleen's thoughtful leadership and insight make it invaluable. ”

Samantha Chagollan

“Colleen is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable, supportive, and motivating without being pushy. She explains each habit in a way that I know she is doing them along with me. I would definitely take another class from her!”

Jen Franklin

“Thanks so much for this course. I think the biggest thing I got out of it was realizing that I don't have to stay within the constructs I've built around my identity; I can become who I want to be by making small changes. I can be the type of person who uses a Neti pot and meditates!”

Jessy Brown, MS, CCC-SLP
Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Therapy Abroad

Practices and Community

What to Expect

  • The Promise

    You can live better. I will bring you into a community of people who want the same thing - a vibrant life - and who support you in realizing yours. A private forum and an accountability partner that you can stand with when others may not be able to support your change. If you commit to this program for a year, your daily life will run more smoothly, your body will be nourished, your work will be inspired, and your relationships will be more intimate.

  • The Path

    This is the science of habit change coupled with the radical path of cooperating with your highest Self through the wisdom traditions of Yoga & Ayurveda. You can let go of willpower and instead lean into a dynamic group and a clear vision of who you're becoming next. Support will be in the form of weekly live calls, weekly recorded teaching videos, monthly book selections to go deeper, worksheets, an accountability partner, monthly one-on-one coaching with me, quarterly in-person meetups and mini-retreats (when not in a pandemic!), and more.

  • The Potential

    A flexible strong body that you love, a clear mind, and a loving heart. An energized, relaxed attitude. Deeper connections with your people, meaningful conversations and a vision of your life that has purpose. An undercurrent of joy that is palpable. This is the kind of group that will could change your life. Join us!

Monthly Membership

All access pass to everything offered. Each year we cover the 9 core habits with a monthly deep dive, and two RESTORE Anti-Diet Detoxes.

No contracts, cancel anytime.

Join us to get these results

This is what people say when they've automated these habits.

“HUGE changes! Healed a 30+ year sinus problem, no more allergies, and stabilized weight is the most obvious physical changes. On a more subtle level, I feel more connected to my body. My overall relationship with my body has shifted and is becoming more loving and accepting than shaming and punishing. I'm generally more present in my life and more confident and clear in my choices both in regard to my physical health and in my relationships. I set better boundaries. I experience more moments of joy.'s fair to say that living the habits have changed my life in every possible way, and for that, I am filled with gratitude daily."

"These habits have changed my entire life. The quality of my sleep. My emotional wellbeing. My presence for my kids. Happiness in my marriage. I've lost 35 pounds and kept it off and it feels like I barely did anything.”

“I lost a few pounds, that's for sure! That wasn't my goal but I am more than happy to take it! I feel more grounded, more able to cope with stress and what life throws at me, more connected because I'm not just making these changes on my own, but with a group of women who want the best for themselves too.”

“I could write a whole page on my results from the habits. Here are a few results. I came in not really having any major health issues but one of the things that I was hoping to change was my energy levels and dark circles under my eyes. I am 58 and I doubted that I could have authentic energy without caffeine and other stimulants. I now have natural energy without afternoon lag and I don’t get “Hangry” any more which is huge! I also would go to bed every night with a stomach ache, not sleep well and my weight would fluctuate all over the place. Now that is gone. I have more mental clarity when I am practicing the habits and can totally tell the difference in body, mind, and spirit when I am not.”

“I think the biggest benefit has been the return of a sense of being in control... of my self, my needs, and my path/ desires/ potential. Sounds lofty, but since becoming a Mother that feeling of being in control has been slowly chipped away at... The habits provide a simple, very accessible, prescriptive way to celebrate small wins. And celebrate them repeatedly. And that is helping me to regain a sense of control and confidence to reach for the bigger thing, the more nuanced, perhaps more meaningful goals in my life. And the community of women feels really key, not just because they are amazing at celebrating my epic morning poop (I mean, who else??), but because they are a group also reaching for more, also wanting a deeper experience of life and are open and curious to test out different ways to get there. And who doesn’t already “have it all figured out.” I think knowing that curiosity is the baseline and that there is a shared broader goal creates an ease and freedom to truly explore. Feeling a return of a sense of control is the big one. Another big outcome is just feeling like there is more space, which is directly related to doing the actual prescribed habits. “

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